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Omar Ghani is the Executive Director for Council on American-Islamic Relation, Kentucky-Lexington Chapter (CAIR-KY). In 2015, Omar Ghani graduated from University of Kentucky with a B.A. in International Studies with a focus on Africa and the Middle East. Omar Ghani is a J.D. candidate of 2018 of the University of Kentucky College of Law.

Omar is a motivated, passionate, intellectual, and reliable individual who has been developing his professional and leadership skills. Throughout his academic career, Omar has excelled academically through his determination and passion while pursuing his altruistic and leadership interests. From interning to serving as the president of a student organization, Omar has been committed to ensuring a culture justice and awareness is cultivated within his reach. 

Currently, Omar is attending the University of Kentucky College of Law. Throughout his time in law school, Omar has interned for Judge Wingate and Judge Shepherd and for Blue Grass Community Foundation. Omar Ghani, now works as a legal clerk for Legal Aid of the Bluegrass. In these experiences, he has seen many different legal questions and has researched and written answers in many forms to these various questions. As a staff member of Article Editor of the Editorial Board of the Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Law, Omar has continued to strengthen his writing and editing skills by routinely editing and writing publications for the journal. 

In addition, Omar Ghani has served as the president of the Muslim Law Student Association since it was established in the Fall of 2016. In order to establish the student organization, Omar drafted the constitution to ensure compliance, recruited officers and general members, and followed the administrative procedures necessary to receive authorization for the student organization. As the president, he has organized events regarding Shari’ah Law, the Hijab, and the human rights legal profession as well as discussion forums about Islamophobia. 

Omar has also pursued his intellectual interests through the college institutions he has attended. Along with his academic career, Omar Ghani has been involved in charity throughout his life. These experiences include tutoring prison inmates in order to prepare them for GED tests, assisting in organizing charitable events such as walks, and utilizing social media to increase attention for various organizations, such as the Masjid Development Network and Military Experience and the Arts. 

With his experience in academia and in organizations, Omar Ghani has been developing his leadership skills and networks to effectively serve CAIR-KY. 

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